Below are the entries submitted to the initial competition done at the beginning of the year. The brief for the competition can be found here, and the rationale for it is unfolded in subsequent blog entries. The competition ran for three weeks, with most of the work being done in the final ten days. Each entry is represented by one image, and it is also possible to download pdf’s of the entry sheets. It would be easy to see them simply as images – we see them as the start of a much longer process that will depend on more than images.

Entry 1 : Joe Mackey : 1:pdf/1 1:pdf/2


Entry 2 : Alex Pitney : 2.pdf/1


Entry 3 : Hannah Lambert : 3.pdf/1 3.pfd/2


Entry 10 : Chris Patience : 10pdf.110pdf/2


Entry 11 : Alistair Parvin : 11pdf/1 11pdf/2


Entry 12 : India Aspin : 12pdf/1 12pdf/2


Entry 13 : Naomi Taylor : 13pdf/1 13pdf/2



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