Instruction # 11

Oblique Strategy Number 1

Oblique strategies is the game/instruction pack that was evolved by the musician Brian Eno and the artist Peter Schmidt. Originally it came as a deck of cards, from which one would select at random. The resulting instruction was intended as a prompt in the creative process, and could be applied across many disciplines. The Oblique Strategies have assumed cult status, with the inevitable website devoted to them. They are now available as a widget for the Mac desktop, and it is this version that we will be using.

Every day for the next five days, I will press the widget button and come up with a random instruction. I will not cheat! I will post this on this site, and you should take this as a prompt for action for the next day. The instructions sometimes feel restrictive, but are actually liberating in this. They will not radically alter your direction, but may allow you to see the project in a new light. It may result in a tiny adjustment, or may just gently push you in a more productive manner. Try to work with the instruction for at least an hour, just to see what comes out of it. Keep going if it is productive. The idea, of course, is to provide an alternative to the linear method of most projects.

And so, here is the first Oblique Strategy for Friday 2nd May


(isn’t that just great!)


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