Review # 4


Jeremy presented the ‘proposal’ to the management team of the London Architecture Festival. Thinking that it was an informal chat, it turned out to be a crit with around 50 people in the room.

Because there was nothing to show, the response was as expected in a bad crit. Lots of questions, all good ones, which I could not answer. Brought back memories of my first year crit when I was convinced the world could be saved through hexagons. Excrutiating. Luckily, the team from the AA came on next and saved the day with exquisite form. And it was ECO too…

So these were the questions:

How will you engage with the public, as is asked for in the brief? They are browsing and moving through quickly, and will not be able to spend time?

Your language is quite abstract, how are you going to make it more accessible?

What are the visuals of this? The Festival brief set out for striking landmarks; are you going to subvert this or go along with this?

What actually are you going to sell? Are you going to play up to the idea of consumption and actually sell stuff, or are you going to give things away?

If you are selling values, what exactly are they and how are you going to get them across quickly?


One response to “Review # 4

  1. I like the idea/concept.

    As a precedent, in case no-one has mentioned this: Studio Egret West did something similar a year or two ago for Architecture Week called Archiosk.

    Good images/text on studio egret west’s website too.

    If you are doing something different to this (as this relationship is quite normal really – I draw you an idea, you cherish or build it) it may be worth expanding what more you will offer.

    I think the “how do you engage ‘the customer/client'” is the important question of all the ones asked.

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