National Architecture Student Festival


Studio 8 is honoured to have been selected to represent the University of Sheffield at the National Architecture Student Festival, which is part of the London Architecture Festival 2008 (or rather they were pushed into it by the boss with no consultation). They have come up with the punchy idea of ‘Architects for Sale’, and an equally punchy image.


No-one quite knows what this might mean but we think it will be in Borough Market for a few days. Not an installation (too 1990s) but a happening (very 1960s). Here is the proposed text for publicity, any comments please by 5pm Friday 4th April (which is the press deadline.)


Architecture is usually considered as a noun, but what if it has been a verb all along? Our love for architectural objects has allowed us to be distracted from questioning what ‘to architecture’ might mean. Why shouldn’t we cross some of the hard, boring lines that define how architects think, what architects design, how, why and for whom? What is architecture worth?

The project takes a site that is about selling, value and (particularly in the case of Borough market) values. By exposing architecture to the environment of value-trading, we will be looking for its social value, and scratching away at the question of redesigning design itself. If Architects are For Sale, what is it actually that they might have to offer (beyond bright oranges and bendy bananas)?

Architects for Sale will take place over two market days in Borough Market


One response to “National Architecture Student Festival

  1. Connectivity has been intermittent for me here, so apologies for missing the above / below deadlines! I think this is very in keeping with past Softpraxis questioning in a playful way; good work. From what I can gather the format / mode is still under debate? Did I hear the work ‘performance’ somewhere?!

    Regards from here.

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