Instruction # 10

Quick and Dirty

Most architectural production, at least in Schools of Architecture, aspires to the refined, and reaches it through slow and methodical means; this is based on the premise that there is a good or even perfect solution out there waiting to be found. For the next two weeks we will reverse this slow and refined tendency by doing it quick and dirty. So you should produce your scheme by 17th April; just get it out there and down on paper or whatever. Just do it. Work somewhat on instinct, but let that instinct be guided by the ideas and conceptual approach that you have developed over the past two months – and in particular for sixth years the statement of intent that is your Design Report.

In software programming ‘quick and dirty’ has connotations of being inelegant and imperfect, but still doing the job in hand. Maybe this is exactly what your schemes should be like to start with – but to accept this one has to accept that perfected notions of elegance, on which much architectural culture is based, may not be the only way forward.


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