Instruction # 9

London Festival of Architecture

This is urgent! My fault – I have let it slip. We need to confirm by Friday 4th April if we are going to participate in this. To do this we need to choose a site and do an image and some text to explain what we are going to do with it.  My feeling is that is a good opportunity to play out some of the SoftPraxis ideas in a very public arena. The plan would be for fifth years to tie up their projects by 16th May (i.e six weeks time) , and then work as a group on the National Student Festival proposal. I would suggest that we do not do anything ‘physical’ (i.e. another urban intervention) but something that raises the debate about the role of the architect/architecture in these kind of conditions.

So, fifth years, please comment by Thursday 3rd, 12pm GMT (for those in Japan…), and let me know what you think.

Here is the brief


4 responses to “Instruction # 9

  1. I would say either V&A forecourt as it is extremely prominent with a lot of movement into and passed it,
    or borough market which may be much more gritty?

  2. Let’s go for Borough Market, and do something about selling architecture. Is the great institution of architecture just reduced to selling the equivalent of bright oranges, organic apples and bendy bananas? I have asked Rachel to get an image of a market stall holder – then we need to place a banner across it. “Architects for Sale?” or something

  3. Or we could do Riverside Walk – more London, Southwalk becuase it is surrounded by the kind of architecture that we are being critical of? We could be a response to that.

  4. Also spitalfields market site would be good – we might be able to engage some of the stall holders in the intervention.

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