Instruction # 7

By the end of this term you should have something that resembles an architectural scheme, placed on the expanded site with the developed brief. (Some of you have already chosen, for good reasons, other sites – this is fine).  To achieve this you should come to the tutorials on 28th February with a fully developed ‘brief’. This should not be a simple list of functions, but a document that sets out the proposed social relationships on the site, developed in relation to your conceptual stance. For sixth years, this will form the basis of your management report. However, it is important that this ‘brief’ is clear and stays fixed for the rest of the year – otherwise the parameters that you are designing against will be continually changing and in this be distracting. If you do not have this brief by 28th, we will give it to you. Do agonise over this – briefs and sites are highly artificial constructs in architectural education, so just enjoy them as abstract constraints/possibilities rather than trying to find the perfect programme on the perfect site.

It is likely that for the cross studio reviews, this scheme will not be described according to the norms suggested in the competition brief. Each of you will have to think about how to represent your architecture in a manner appropriate to your approach, but the expectation is that it will be legible in terms of scale and placing on the site, and for the sixth years in particular, has a clear technical (material, structural, environmental) strategy.


2 responses to “Instruction # 7

  1. …normalised?

  2. I assume that by ‘normalised’ you are being critical, and suggesting that these instructions are hard, prescriptive and will lead to normalised results. This may be so, except that I have confidence that there has been enough unravelling and discussion in the past four weeks for each of you to take a critical stance to these instructions. Any praxis depends on a context, and if that context is ‘hard’, as the above instructions maybe are, that does not mean that one has to respond to them in a hard manner; in fact quite the opposite. SoftPraxis may work best when up against the most entrenched positions, because it then that one has to be most fluid and subversive in ones thinking and actions.

    ..and anyway one context that will not go away is the academic year and the deadlines it entails. Sorry, but I am not prepared to sacrifice you on the altar of some pseudo-anarchist ideology.

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