Instruction #6

On 17th April we will have a discussion session about your work. You have a budget of £400 to spend. How you spend this, what the format is, and who you invite is completely up to you, but it should be carefully considered to extract best value for money and to deliver the input that you would find most useful for your work, as well as even being fun. This is an exercise in design – of pedagogical space. Please note in the comments below if you want us to do anything, but otherwise we shall assume that you will organise everything from invitations to sustenance to location to format to timing. If you want to spend the money on yourselves, that is fine, but will need justification.


One response to “Instruction #6

  1. Please find below the comments from our meeting on this (06/03/08); it’s an initial, fragmented brainstorm but is a start of sorts. One thing that came out strongly was that this money doesn’t have to go on a ‘person’ as such IE getting someone in. Please add suggestions and ideas.

    *Set up in the workstation for a day? Gather feedback and so on from users etc.
    *We should indulge ourselves – something directly useful to us.
    *If we look closer to home we could get more value for the money
    *Can we get someone / many people from other departments, who think in different ways (eg: Geographers).
    *Organise an open/super crit with guests; people from all years etc. in the well, on our studio. Why would this be any different from a regular crit?
    *Use the Millennium Galleries space, De-camp from the Arts Tower
    *Or universalise, get out of Sheffield.
    *Tap into other Architecture Schools? Collaborate with other students, group crit/workshop day etc. (would this happen in this school or in London/Glasgow/Edinburgh/Manchester etc.)
    *Does the money have to be spent on a person? *Perhaps a day of (constructive) fun?
    *‘Encounter.’ Collaborate with artists etc. Too old hat/useless?
    *Attend a conference / lecture series etc.?
    *Hold an ‘event’ of some sort / exhibition of our work?
    *Could we build (for real this time) the initial judging panel that was proposed at our initial competition?
    *Who’s in your address book, Jeremy?
    *Get the old SoftSpace studio back? It was a different project but it could be a fun/useful day.
    *Put the money towards a ‘trip’ of some sort
    *If it were to be a person would the format be a crit, a workshop, a lecture etc? The cost/speciality of each person would probably dictate…

    £50,000 List
    Winy Maas
    Charles Leadbetter
    Stewart Brand
    Tony Benn
    Hans Ulrich-Obrist
    Kevin McCloud
    Polly Toynbee
    Prince Charles
    Richard Wilson
    Al Gore

    ‘Gettable’ (but no less eminent) List – Ties with Sheffield, Favours owed etc.
    John Worthington
    Bryan Lawson
    Sir John Harmen (Chairman of the Enviroment Agency)
    Tony Hunt
    Jonathan Hill
    Sarah Wigglesworth

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