Instruction # 4

After the competition there are a number of tasks to be done prior to the January portfolio review. Up to then we will stick with the basics of your competition entries. After that we will pick the whole lot to pieces.

1. Prepare 3 ‘control’ drawings. (a) a diagram of your scheme as it stands (b) an external image of your scheme as it stands (c) a drawing that describes your key concept. These drawings will be redone throughout the year, and act as an index of the development of your work. Think carefully, therefore, about how to do them.

2. Write a 500 word critical reflection on the process to date. This should not be a description of your project, but a summary of the issues that you think the process has thrown up in relation to the norms and aspirations of architectural practice and education.

3. A killer drawing. You need to prepare the best drawing that you have ever done. Pure eye-candy. Complete seduction. Just plain beautiful. For this you probably need to learn new software and look at other examples (maybe The President’s Medals). If your design needs to change to make the drawing look better, just do it. Everyone else does.

4. Develop your scheme. There will be a workshop to help you do this. However, the competition boards must be kept sacrosanct.

Hand in for all these is whenever the portfolio hand in is – sometime in the New Year


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