Competition Interview

Please note that competition drawings should be submitted at 6.00pm on 5th December to room 15.4. The drawings should be anonymous. You should all be there at 8.45am sharp on 6th December. The interview panel will be convening then, and will issue a timetable on the day. You are reminded that you have 10 minutes, and no more, to present. There will then be 15 minutes questions. Attached is a document that sets out hints as to how to make a presentation. This is based on years’ of interview experience on both sides of the table; it covers all types of interviews, but there are some aspects of it which will be relevant to your presentation. Men dressed in black are banned, except for Kevin and Andy of Carmody Groarke, who as our seriously architectural judges are requested to role play and wear uniform.

Image: Fancy dress outfit for aspiring architects. Product Description: “Although there are several different ‘types’ of architect who will wear a gamut of styles, many of them do find themselves at some time or other in their career dressed in black! This outfit comprises a black polo neck with a black designer suit with ‘nehru’ style collarin high quality fabric. The glasses are included as a reference to Le Corbusier who remains a design icon for many. A great gift for those who like to play the part of a master builder.”

Available in sizes 3-5 years and 5-7 only from The Toy Factory.


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