Tutorials # 1

In the first tutorial, studio members were asked to choose what type of tutor they wanted. This is on the understanding that most architectural teaching is underwritten by definite ideologies, and that the tutor’s stance and ideology goes a long way in determining the final process and product, often under the assumption that there is a ‘right’ way of doing things, and a certain set of goals, even truths, to be reached. So what if those ideologies are made explicit, and the choice is handed to the students as to which one to proceed with? And what difference does their initial choice make on the final product? If the initial choice is necessarily a bit random, then how does one navigate towards any end given the contingency of the first advice? The answer to the latter is perhaps through finding one’s own voice and criteria for judgement rather than dancing to someone else’s tune (of power).

So these were the choices, from a cast of six, that the students made for us to role play:

The Contextualist (4 choices), The Complete Bastard (3 choices) The Conceptualist (3 choices) The Enigmatic Suggester (2 choices) The Functionalist (1 choice) The Formalist (o choices)

Slightly worrying dependency/masochism shown in the popularity of The Complete Bastard…

And isn’t contextualism slightly passé?


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