Brief 1 : Hard Sell : Questions

Please place questions on the competition brief in the comments box below by 6.00pm on Tuesday 13th November. They will be answered at the group meeting on Wednesday.


5 responses to “Brief 1 : Hard Sell : Questions

  1. Will there be a CAD package available to download, ie a location/site plan or will we have to source those ourselves?

  2. I have a question about the extent of the proposed site.

    The red line boundary indicated on the provided site plan.pdf contradicts with the site description in the the written brief. My understanding is that our proposals should be located within a 13.5 x 60m zone on the Nelson Mandela Building side of the grassed area infront of the Showroom. Is this correct?

  3. Yes, you are right. Ignore the red line, it is the grass on the other side of the pedestrian route from the red line area.

  4. it is described that the managed workspace units will link to and be serviced by the existing building (workstation). Is this still the case on this site – should there be a physical link to the workstation ?

    Should we assume that there is no new building on the festival centre site infront of the showroom ?

  5. The clients have now confirmed that they do not want a physical link to the existing Workstation. The sentence: “The units will link to and be serviced from the existing building” should therefore be ignored.

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